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Our Golden Youth

I shed my tears to the ground,

Thoughts of past reflected in my eyes,

Regret, Sorrow, and despair envelop my mind,

As youth we know nothing about,

Seeing only beauty and wonder,

During this time we are free,

Our Forest is golden along the lake,

We are blank books,

The pages are for life to write upon,

With age comes knowledge and wisdom,

Of the hardships we must face,

Scolded for our urge to be carefree,

Denied our natural curiosity,

I hope these children never have to see,

The Four Horsemen Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War,

For it shall make their eyes so bright,

Turn a color darker than night.


Silvox's Player

All Rights reserved

Inspired by an afternoon spent at a local Conservatory while a grade one field trip was in there and listening to some pretty insightful music.

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