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Life's Waterfall

Flipping and fluttering the birds bathe,

In the trickle of the tiny waterfall,

That feeds the pond the fish lazily float in,

The children happily watch with their parents,

Curious of all the life,

They are innocent and full of life themselves,

Amazed by what we adults take for granted,

To be like them again,

Fresh, vibrant, green, and full of hope,

Like the surroundings, pure and innocent,

Free like the birds,

Carefree like the fish.

I can not,

For life is like the creek trickling to the pond,

With waterfalls and rocks,

Acting as the experiences that,

Make the time in the pond even more savourable.


Silvox's Player

All Rights reserved

Inspired by an afternoon spent at a local Conservatory while a grade one field trip was in there and listening to some pretty insightful music.

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